About the Center

The Center for Western Balkan Studies launched its work in 2023 as an independent think tank.

We focus on Western Balkans – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo.

Our key goal is to monitor and analyze the situation in one of the most turbulent regions on the European continent and offer an expert assessment of its political, economic, social, and security situation.

Here you will find original articles on the main political events, analysis of socio-economic development processes, outlooks for general developments, diplomatic factors and international influence on the course of controversial events and conflict resolution.

Our mission

We put a particular emphasis on critical challenges facing a number of countries in the region, the main ones being the prevention of conflicts and armed confrontation and the gaining of membership in the European Union. Despite the varying degrees of readiness of the countries across the Western Balkans to join the European Union, the process should conclude in all the nations in the subregion sealing full membership in this respectable bloc. This will become one of the keys to preventing armed confrontation and avoiding conflicts at the political, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, economic, and humanitarian levels. We find it important to contribute to the peaceful and sustainable development of the region and to prevent any destabilization in the Western Balkans.

Our formats

Our experts constantly monitor the situation in the Western Balkans. Each week, we publish an analytical report on key events in the region’s countries on our website: cfwbs.org.

Topics that require in-depth analysis and expert evaluation are published on our website in the shape of individual articles.

We do our best to promptly provide our readers with quality expert assessments on significant developments in the Western Balkans.

You can contribute to our Center’s work. Send your information, article pitches, or questions here.

We are open to cooperation!